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20 Point Full Service Oil Change


  • Up to 5 Quarts of Oil:
    SAE 5W20, 5W30,
    10W30, 15W40

  • New Oil Filter

  • Lubricate Chassis

  • Wash Windshield

  • Under Hood Visual Inspection

  • Under Chassis Visual Inspection


  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Battery

  • Transmission/Transaxle

  • Differential (Front & Rear)

  • Transfer Case

  • Radiator Coolant Recovery Level

  • Windshield Washer Fluid
    (Winterized Oct 1-Mar 15 at additional cost)

  • Tire Pressure


  • Brake Fluid

  • Air Filter

  • Lights

  • Windshield Wipers

  • Cabin Air Filter

$40* - Using Conventional Oil

$65* - Using 100% Synthetic Oil

$55* - Using High Mileage Oil

$75* - Using European Synthetic Oil

Supreme your Oil Change - add $15

Oil System Cleaner & Fuel System Cleaner

Additional Services

Car Cooling System Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)
Vehicle Gear Box Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)

Cooling System Flush - $90

Helps prevent corrosion, leaks, and engine damage caused by worn-out antifreeze. Service includes cooling system flush and replacement of fluid (up to 2 gallons of Long Life antifreeze/coolant).

Gear Box Fluid Service - $50

Drive train components require proper lubrication and protection against damage from heat and contaminants.  Our Gear Box Fluid Service includes removing the old fluid and replacing up to 5 pints of fluid.  
*Extra charge for synthetic fluids and additives.

Cabin Filter Replacement | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)
Fuel Filter Replacement Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)

Cabin Air Filter Service - $30

Often overlooked, the Cabin Air Filter promotes a healthier environment in your vehicle's cabin by preventing dust, pollen, and other contaminants from entering the ventilation systems.

Fuel Filter Service - $50 and up

A clogged or restricted fuel filter will reduce fuel flow and engine performance. Fuel Filter Service helps restore engine performance and fuel economy, and ensures proper filtration of contaminants that can harm the fuel induction system.

Transmission Fluid Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)

Automatic Transmission Flush Service - $150

Helps extend the life of your transmission. Replaces virtually 100% of the transmission fluid.  Includes fluid change with up to 18 quarts of new synthetic fluid.

Air Filter Replacement Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)
Vehicle Light Bulb Replacement Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)

Air Filter - $15 and up

Light Bulb Replacement - To Quote

Wipers Replacement Service | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)

Wiper Blades (each) - $12.50 and up


Serpentine Belt Replacement - To Quote

Serpentine Belt Replacement Services | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)
Additives & Treatments - $10.00 Each

Oil System Cleaner

Cleans out sludge, gum, and varnish as well as acids that prematurely breakdown motor oil detergents. Use with every other oil change.

Fuel System Cleaner

Cleans fuel injectors and fuel lines as you drive to prevent rough idling and engine stalling. Use regularly.

Oil Treatment

Increases oil viscosity at engine operating temperature to give you increased engine power and decreased oil consumption.

Heartland Engine Products | Fuel Cleaner | Oil Treatment | Oil System Cleaner | Boise, Idaho | Boise, Idaho | Broadway Express Lube (Pennzoil)
*Prices are applicable for most vehicles. 
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Wex and Cash.  Please no Checks.
Additional Services
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